Tara Jauhar at Sri Aurobindo Nivas
Vadodara, Gujarat, 18-23 Jan' 2024

18th January 2024 – Evening

H.P Rama with his family and Dr Kiran Singh, Director of SALICI, welcomed Tara Didi & Dr Anju Khanna on their arrival to Auro University, Surat; and an informal meeting with Kiran Bedi ji and others from Auro University too was facilitated.

19th January Morning:

A visit to Surat Diamond Bourse was facilitated by Sh. Kaivalya Smart and other devotees; it gave us an idea of a large business empire as is being set up in Surat.


Sri Aurobindo Surat Centre invited Tara Didi & Dr Anju Khanna, for a reading and small interactive session with the devotees followed by prasad. Tara Didi read an excerpt on ‘Sincerity’ thus setting the tone of opening doors for integral Yoga with this one power of The Mother.

20th January

On the first day of the 2 day retreat by Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center at Auro University, Surat a seminar was organised on topics of Integral life and living; Tara Didi read a piece on ‘Integral Yoga and Collective Consciousness’ followed by other speakers like Manoj Pavithran & Divyanshi Chugh from Auroville, Dr Sharad Joshi from Vadodara and Dr Anju Khanna (on ‘Intention, Attention & creating new Reality’) from Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch.

21st January:

On the second day of the retreat, Sh. Kaivalya Smart, Manoj & Divyanshi spoke on the various aspects of building an Integral life. The day ended with Tara Didi’s rendering of ‘God’s Labour’ and the retreat was concluded with a visit to the Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Centre in Auro University.

After lunch, visit to Sri Aurobindo Bhavan in Vadodara commenced with pranam at the Samadhi.

22nd January:

A brief tour of the Vadodara Centre including seeing the Sri Aurobindo Bhavan exhibition and the book store was followed by a meeting with devotees who came for the evening meditation at the Vadodara Centre. A reading by Tara Didi on ‘Harmony’ concluded the visit.