USF Residential Camp, East Delhi Chapter
15-17 June' 2023

The Ashram helped organise a series of 3-day residential camps for class XII girls from government schools. The fourth camp in the series was held from 15-17 June 2023. The groups brought to the Ashram by the NGO, ‘Udayan Care’, were part of its Udayan Shalini Fellowship program. This batch comprised of 29 students from East Delhi.

The various topics for discussion covered during the camp included, “Interpersonal Relationship”, “Storytelling about how to be a good person”, “Guidance session about the importance of social work”, “Mental health, and well-being”, “Attitude, and Gratitude”, Theatre Skills guidance, “Relationship Communication, and Traps”.

As the Ashram team organized various activities, including Shram Daan, Sports activities, and Meditation. The Shram Daan activity allowed the participants, known as Shalinis, to contribute to society and experience the satisfaction of giving back. The sports activities kept them energetic and engaged, promoting physical fitness and team spirit. The highly anticipated Meditation sessions provided a unique opportunity for self-reflection and self-discovery, enabling the girls to gain deeper insights into themselves.

Feedback from participants included:

  1. I attended the residential camp in Shri Aurobindo ashram. My camp experience is unforgettable. Obviously, I am not able to describe it in words but I tried. The Camp was literally above expectations. There were lots of sessions which were really helpful for us. The atmosphere was so pure and clean and full of peace. The whole staff of the ashram was very pleasant and soft-spoken.
  2. I get a chance to attend a residential camp that was conducted by USF, and it was a pleasure to be a part of it, I really like this camp and learned lots of things about personality development and initial growth.