World Mental Health Day
10 Oct 2023

The event started with Invocation and Welcome address by Dr. Mukta Katoch Arora followed by talks by others :.

  • Dr. Deepak Raheja, Psychiatrist, gave a speech on 'Mental Health - Universal Right for all'
  • Ms. Sonia Bhandari, Psychologist & Art Therapist : Talk was on 'Creative Therapy - Self Exploration to Self Discovery'
  • Dr. Ramesh Bijlani, Spiritual and Yoga Guru : Talk on 'Spiritual approach to mental health'
  • Dr.Deepak Gupta, Child Psychiatrist : Talk on 'Parenting in New Age: Building connections'
  • Dr.Surinder Katoch, Ayurveda Physician : Talk on 'Ayurveda for Mental Well being'

The last section ended with Q&A session with the Panelists, followed by Vote of Thanks