Black Rock Team Workshop
14 April 2023

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch conducted a short workshop for black rock and vocational trainees of the Ashram on 14th of November, 2023. Some 30 people from black rock and 11 Vocational Trainees participated in the workshop. Integration and team building are one of the main purposes of organising this workshop.

The session started with a refreshment and there the participants from both these institutes met and shared about themselves. There only we briefed them on the day's program and also gave them a brief idea about the work and initiative of empowering youth and society-building carried out by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi branch.

Then we moved to the Ashram nursery where every participant planted a plant in a pot. There we also showed them how to prepare fertile mixture/soil for the pot and the right ways of porting and planting a plant. We also showed them ways to take proper care of plants at their home. We also gave them insight into The Ashram’s enriched collection of trees, plants and flowers. We had a small nature walk with them in which we showed them different trees and talked about their role and usefulness for our nature. Many of them first time saw Caster plant, Dhatura plant, Kadamb, and Simal tree. They also closely saw and observed snake, spider and jet plants.

This was followed by a small break for tea and from there they moved to a physical drill session. In this session, the group worked on drills of team building and cooperation. These activities were carried out in a very charged and melodious environment. They did drills like following the leader, making the group and some rhythmic movements on very charged running music in the background.

They enjoyed their short stay in the ashram and liked the serene and calm environment of the Ashram. They also enjoyed the Ashram-made snacks, Cakes and Squash. They expressed their desire to visit again with a plan for bigger sessions.