Bhajan Sandhya
and release of the book, 'The End of Evil'
19 July' 2023

On the evening of 19 July 2023, which would have been the 75th Birthday of late Dr. Lovleen Bijlani (Ashramite, 2006-2022), as a homage to her memory, Dr. Mithu Pal made a musical offering in a bhajan sandhya. Shri Rajkumar accompanied her on Tabla. The event also included release of a children’s fairy-tale book, titled, 'The End of Evil', by a budding 13 year-old writer Ananya Lal. The book published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch and dedicated by the author to her late grandmother, Dr. Lovleen, was released by the noted children’s writer, Ms. Anupa Lal.