Panchkarma and Wellness
14-15 Apr' 2023

To celebrate 10+ years of the Panchakarma Unit of the Ayurvedic section at The Mother’s Integral Health Centre, Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch a two days (4 hours each day) programme was conducted on 14 – 15 April, 2023 for 15 participants. Activities included morning Prabhat Pheri; Havan and Gita slokas chanting; Ayurvedi Therapies – Head & Foot Massage, Neck & Arms Massage, Shirodhara, Nasyam + Dhumapanam; interactive session on AYSOL (Ayurvedic & Yogic Style of Living); and screening of a video on ‘10 years of Ayurvedic Department at TMIHC and Success Stories.’ The Havan on Day 1 was also joined by 16 Ayurveda Students from Chile who were visiting the Ashram that time. Each participant was given one 30 minutes Panchakarma Therapy on both days. At the end the Ayurveda Department also distributed Free Self-Health Kits to all participants on the second day.

Health professionals for the program were:

  1. Resource person : Dr. Surinder Katoch
  2. Co-ordinator : Dr. Mukta Katoch
  3. Panchakarma Therapists:
    • Velayudhan K.M.
    • Zareena Khatoon
    • Preeti Braman

Feedback :

  1. “It was amazing, especially Prabhat Pheri, Havana & Lecture by Dr. Katoch” - Kamlesh Gupta
  2. “The camp was very nice. We interacted with each other and understood that we can solve our problems if the mind is stable. I am now feeling happy even staying alone” - Joginder Bahl
  3. “It was really good and relaxing” - Suchita Jain