Christmas celebration 25th Dec' 2022

The celebration of the days getting longer, or the descent of Light, started with the Ashram campus including the Meditation Hall donning a festive demeanour with Christmas Trees and Stars. On the evening of 24 December 2022, Ashram youngsters played novelty games in which multiple skills of the participants were put to test. A ‘Christmas Father’ meanwhile did rounds of the locale distributing appropriate gifts. Later in the evening, the Ashram Choir led by Dr Mithu Pal sang Christmas carols in the Meditation Hal interspersed with reading of a passage by Tara Didi which quoted Sri Aurobindo as having affirmed Jesus Christ as an Avatar (incarnation of God in a human form on earth), an emanation of God’s Power of Love. Further, Sri Aurobindo has explained that Christ had to die on the cross so that his message would be heard.

In the Sunday Satsang of 25 December 2022, Dr Mithu Pal sang Christmas carols, and Dr Ramesh Bijlani narrated some historical snippets around the beginning of Christmas celebrations in Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. The talk is available on the Ashram’s YouTube channel.