July 5, 2022

Our beloved Tara Didi's birthday

Tara Didi's Date of Birth : 5th July 1936

“Let this day of your birth be for you an occasion to give yourself a little more, a little better to the Divine. Let your consecration be more total, your devotion more ardent, your aspiration more intense.”

—The Mother

Tara Jauhar, lovingly known as Tara Didi, is a writer and educationist, and was associated with the Mother since she was eight years old. She is the third child of Surendra Nath Jauhar and Dayawati. Shri Surendra Nath Jauhar was himself a freedom-fighter and was associated with the Mother since 1939. He is the founder of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi branch.

Tara Didi has written how she received the Mother's boundless love, affection, guidance and protection through personal contact and through correspondence which helped her sail through the difficulties and failures, in her 2 books viz., 'Learning with the Mother' and 'Growing up with the Mother'.

The Govt. of India conferred Padma Sri to Tara Didi on 21st March 2022 for her contributions in the field of "Literary and Education".

The wishes given by The Mother to Tara Didi are many. Scroll below to see two of them written by The Mother in French on 5-7-1961 and 1-8-1971.

The Mother's wishes to Tara Didi in French on 5-Jul-1961


To Tara,

These star—like flowers, so that her life may be governed by a true greatness of soul to enable her to face her responsibilities with a noble and generous heart.

In peace and joy, light and love.

5 July 1961


The Mother's wishes to Tara Didi in French on 1-Aug-1971



27 years of growth of progress and useful work have given you a special place in the Ashram with special love from Sri Aurobindo; as well as my great tenderness and constant blessings.


86th Birthday Celebrations

Staying true to the words of The Mother, her ardent devotee and a living legend, Tara Didi has relentlessly pursued the cause of social and environmental welfare. As Didi turned 86 on 5-7-2022, she celebrated this occasion as an opportunity for preserving the natural environment by organizing a tree plantation drive in the premises of Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch.