November 24, 2022

96th Anniversary of the Siddhi Day

"The Day of Victory" on 24th November 1926

Sri Aurobindo experienced the descent of Lord Krishna into his body on 24th November 1926. He explains,

From the beginning of November 1926 the pressure of the Higher Power began to be unbearable. Then at last the great day, day for which the Mother had been wating for so many long years, arrived on 24 November ....

There was a deep silence in the atmosphere after the disciples had gathered there. Many saw an oceanic flood of Light rusing down from above. Everyone present felt a kind of pressure above his head. The whole atmosphere was surcharged with some electrical energy...

In the interval of silent meditation and blessings many had distinct experiences. When all was over they felt as if they had awakened from a divine dream. Then they felt the grandeur, the poetry and the absolute beauty of the occasion. It was not as if a handful of disciples were receiving blessings from their Supreme Master and the Mother in one little corner of the earth. The significance of the occasion was far greater than that. It was certain that a Higher Consciousness had descended on earth...

— Sri Aurobindo

The Life of Sri Aurobindo, A.B Purani. pp 210-17

Read below the narration of Siddhi Day by Sri Aurobindo, Mother and other Sadhaks.

Narration of the Siddhi Day