Enactment of the story, Whose Gold, told by Chacha Ji on the 5th September 2022

A play was performed by vocational Trainees of batch 65 based on a real-life incident shared by Chacha Ji - Shi Surendra Nath Jauhar and published in the form of a book, "Whose Gold", by Dr. Ramesh Bijlani. The idea of a play manifested while a book reading session where the VTs were asked if the same situation would happen now and what will be the difference. In the book, the gold was given to the kids of the main characters after getting married whereas in the Play the Trainees changed the ending and used the money for the social welfare of the village. Trainees shared their learning, "we live in a society of different people with different mindsets. Through this play, we want to share how the youth thinks, acts, and grows in society.