Anhad: An Offering on the 27th August 2022

A group of 6 visually impaired young men, who have named their music band, Anhad, visited the Ashram on August 27 2022, and offered a musical concert in the Meditation Hall which lasted for about 75 minutes. The troup consisted of a Keyboard player, a Tabla player, a Dholak player, a Harmonium player, and a Kahon player, and they were led by the soul-stirring voice of their Band founder. They began the offering with a beautiful bhajan to Lord Ganesha and the Divine Mother and followed up with Sufi songs of Kabir. It was a deeply inspiring occasion for the audience to see this young Band who in spite of a major physical handicap are progressing on their journey of cultivating their skill and musical talent. Their innocence and simplicity were especially moving, and through their music and presence, they could convey their happiness to each one present.