Matri Kiran School visit, 28-30th September 2022

25 children in 2nd Grade accompanied by 6 teachers arrived at the ashram on 28th September 2022. The stay was of two nights and three days. The children were involved in activities like fun games, shramdaan where they helped in de-weeding and making seed balls, laddoo making, Paper origami, Music Class with Minoti Didi, and night walk. They learned the traditional-tribal dance of Manipur and Odisha. This was followed by a storytelling session with Dr. Bijlani. They heard three stories - How many ice cream, Deepa knows three yogas and Anita deals with a Quarrel and sang the song "Tan ho Sundar, Mann ho Sundar".

The Children keenly observed the trees and plants and shared they loved watching the Peacocks. Students had a lovely experience; they drew illustrations and wrote about their experiences during the trip.

"The students and facilitators had a lovely time and felt at home in Sri Aurobindo Ashram. We all thank Ms. Vijay Didi, the vocational trainees, didis, and bhaiyas everyone at Sri Aurobindo Ashram who made our stay very comfortable. We all had an excellent learning experience.

Students loved the cake and delicious meals they were served and we thank the kitchen team for taking care of and serving us nutritious and tasty meals.

We look forward to coming to Sri Aurobindo Ashram again", said Ms. Archana, a Teacher at Matri Kiran School.