Black Rock Team - 2nd Visit, 3rd Dec' 2022

This was the second visit of the team Black Rock, with new faces to experience life at Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch. Dr. Ramesh Bijlani spoke with the team about their purpose of visiting the Ashram and how it aligns with their goal of leading a happy and fulfilling life. Later the group went for kitchen gardening where they did tilling soil near green Chillies and Tomato crops, as a return gift they all took Radishes fresh from our farms. On their way to the Sports ground, Vijay Bharti Di spoke about Ashram's outreach programs and invited them to our Himalayan center at Madhuban, Talla Ramgarh. One hour of fun games with Ashram's Vocational Trainees under the instructions of our sports Teachers, Hira Das and Akansha followed by delicious lunch.