Spirituality is a liberating experience

Manan Bindal

The Call Beyond
15 Feb 2019

One often finds himself shackled by the circumstances of life. A lot of the responsibility of being in that situation is a direct or indirect consequence of our own mindset or actions. We have an erroneous conception of the world, of how things should or should not be. Sometimes, we might not be at fault, but we are still responsible for the adversity in life. We have an endless stream of desires. Our focus is always on wanting and getting rather than being fulfilled by giving. We have an ignorant, superficial, fragile sense of I, ruled by the ego. We lack an understanding of what would make life purposeful. We manage to suppress our inner voice, whenever it tries to guide us, because of bloated egos and selfish desires. We keep doing more of the same and still wish for a miracle.

It does not work. That is when, if we are fortunate, we can find an answer in spirituality. It can liberate us from the shackles, largely of our own making. Spirituality is an inner journey that has been lit up for us by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother who are reaching out to us and inspiring us to walk the path they have walked before and graciously illumined for us.

Manan Bindal has just completed a course on Teaching Yoga conducted by Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch. This article is an answer that he wrote in response to a question asked in a test conducted during the course.