A dream reality


The Call Beyond
15 Dec 2020

A few days back, I was confronted with a strange dream. I had died and was going up in the sky, above the clouds, above the moon and stars, still above. Suddenly, I came across the God of Death. His face was familiar. I had met him a number of times before. But there was a marked change in his visage. Previously, it used to be tense and hard-looking. This time, it was showing up a glimpse of a faint smile. It relieved me. It seemed I had done some good acts during my lifetime that had pleased him. He addressed me saying, “One thing of your world below we have appreciated so much that we have also adopted it here in our management. That is what you call ‘Self-assessment Report’. Accordingly, you have to tell us faithfully, about such acts done by you on the Earth which left an indelible mark on your heart and soul. In the light of your account, we will decide about sending you back to Earth once again.”

I replied, “This time, I cultivated many friendships and loved my friends immensely. Whenever I felt the pangs of love, I would either hanker after my old friends or make new ones. But the more I love, the more unquenchable became my thirst for love. I would pine for the company of some friends, and meeting them daily or on alternate days became a sort of necessity for me. It was, however, a big task to maintain my friendships. These took a great toll of my time and resources. Such was their extent that year after year, I had to send more than a hundred New Year cards to my friends alone.

Then, one day, I had an unusual experience. I was sitting alone. My mind was empty. Neither any emotion nor any thought. A deep silence within and about me. All of a sudden, a caressing wave of love poured forth on my heart. It was like a ray of light coming from somewhere very near. I felt saturated. It was, however, short-lived and soon departed. It was all a puzzle, a mystery. I wondered from where it came, how it came and how it left?

After some days, this unusual experience happened again. Then too, some entity in me observed that my thoughts and emotions had fallen from me and my mind, denuded of its contents, had become like an empty vessel ready to receive some mysterious love pouring in.

This time I got convinced that there existed a fount of love somewhere deep inside me. Henceforth, whenever I felt the pangs of love, all I had to do was to empty my mind of all the useless weaving of thoughts, emotions and passions. And soon, the soothing waves of love would ripple in my heart and wrap my whole being in their fold. I then realised that I need not hanker after my old friends or make new ones.”

I was speaking all this and the God of Death was listening. I observed that the faint smile had spread over his entire visage. Suddenly I realised that I was supposed to answer some of his queries but I had gone astray in my narration. This gave me a jolt which awoke me and stopped my dream. It took me a few seconds to assure myself that I was very much alive and all my narration in the dream to the God of Death was a fact in real life.

Reproduced from The Call Beyond, Vol. 20, No. 3, p. 41, 1995

To seek Thee constantly in all things, to want to manifest Thee ever better in every circumstance, in this attitude lies supreme Peace, perfect serenity, true contentment.

— The Mother