Celebration of Holi


21st February 2020 - Mother's 142th Birth Anniversary

On the occasion of Holi a festival of colours all the residents of the Ashram gathered in the central courtyard and invoked the Mother and Sri Aurobindo by chanting moksha mantras which are considered to be beneficial for mental, emotional and physical well- being for human health and longevity .
After invocation we performed a Havan , all of us participated in harmony to make our environment positive by chanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Our aim was to send positive vibration to our community and the whole world. Post the morning invocation the youth enjoyed their favourite activities like cricket, dance, basketball to name a few.
In the evening we participated in the lights of aspiration and decorated the shrine with diyas,this was followed by a special meditation and Tara didi read passages followed with the music offering by the Ashram choir. At the end of the day we collected on the M.I.S field to gaze at the celestial sky and had a moon light dinner.

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