SWACHH BHARAT MISSION takes initiative to sensitize individuals towards keeping their environment clean .Taking a lead from this, it is endeavored to take forward the CLEAN MIND PROGRAMME.

NAME OF PROJECT: Clean Mind Programme

What we think is how we feel and experience the world. The kind of thoughts we keep and allow determine whether we will have a pleasant or unpleasant experience.Events alone do not cause a person to feel depressed, enraged, or highly anxious. Rather, it is one's beliefs about the events which contribute to unhealthy feelings and self defeating behaviours.

This programme aims at assessing various dimensions of 'Dirt' that occupy critical mind space and in-turn interfere with a person's well being and growth. Having a clutter free mind is a key ingredient in the experience of contentment for a person .The notion and experience of contentment is really the most comprehensive marker to assess an individual's holistic health.

Contentment is distinguished from complacency is perhaps the variable that in experience provides the platform to an individual to progress and grow towards a more actualised and spiritual being.

The rationale / need for the idea of 'Clean Mind' is that if people can adapt ways to recognise, monitor, check and alter their maladaptive thoughts , they will be more attuned , satisfied and calm than hustled and stressed.

Perhaps, this in general has been the focus of most psychotherapy based interventions; however our aim is not to merely look at absence of symptoms but create a foundation for an individual. The aim is to bring together an approach that aids the journey of going beyond surface consciousness to the larger life of the inner being.


The MIND once it gets cleaned and cleared can provide the seed for the evolution of the spirit. MIND SPIRIRTUALIZED MIND SUPERMIND/TRUTH CONSCIOUSNESS The primary theme of the project is the


The project is aimed at capturing the true essence of Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga. Various modalities and focus on cleansing the mind are nothing but ways to conjure up strategies to assist in the ultimate aim of integral Yoga.


The core of the programme rests on the belief that a clean mind really is an Integral mind.
So with this basic tenet, we have outlined two components/parameters of thinking that derive their genesis from the foundations of both psychology and Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga.

Rational thinking and Responsible Thinking

The invoking of Rational and responsible thinking is yet another aim to reunite the infinite to finite,the timeless in the temporal and the transcendent with the immanent as is the vision of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and goal of integral yoga

Rational & responsible Thinking Foundation of the Psychic Being

Rational thinking: Humans have both innate rational (meaning self-helping, socially helping, and constructive) and irrational (meaning self-defeating, socially defeating, and unhelpful) tendencies and leanings. It is seen that people to a large degree consciously and unconsciously construct emotional difficulties such as self-blame, self-pity, clinical anger, hurt, guilt, shame,depression and anxiety, and behaviour tendencies like procastination, compulsiveness, avoidance ,addiction and withdrawal by the means of their irrational and self-defeating thinking, emoting and behaving.

By using several direct and indirect measures, the plan is to

Once the layers and clouds of constant, pervasive irrational thoughts gets removed ( Swachh), it will help the movement towards bringing to surface the latent , hidden potentialities of being .

Responsible Thinking:
When a person starts engaging with his/her self and society in a more responsible manner, it is actually symbolic of movement. The model looks at responsible thinking as that dimension that bases its ideological markings on the goals of integral yoga. It encapsulates the adoption of those practices that use mind, body and life as instruments in the transcendence from outwards to inwards.

Within responsible thinking, we wish to connect individuals

Thus it is endeavored to discover and foster ways though which responsible thoughts can serve as a bedrock towards ' Psychicisation


It will involve a combination of activities and modalities to address the two critical aspects discussed above.

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